Be a Food Writer!

Here's your chance. If you're a foodie and love writing, give this a go! Win a prize and the chance to be published on Vanilla Beige.
Be a Food Writer

If anyone had told me when I moved to Singapore that I would be writing about food, coffee and other things that I love, I would have told them they were crazy. Yet here I am… I started blogging years earlier for personal reasons. Then I decided to blog about cafés and restaurants on But of all things, to be a food writer!? Not me!

A very early foodie shot from my write up – Bangkok (Family Style) Not Touristy and Very Delicious

Even now, when people introduce me as a food blogger or writer, I feel all of a sudden very silly. I won’t bore you with how I actually got here. For that, you can read my interview on The point is, here’s your chance! Try your hand at being a food writer. You’ll never get anywhere unless you just start. Pick up that pen, turn on your device, just start!

Be a Food Writer!

Submit a food related story and have a chance to be published on Vanilla Beige. This can be a restaurant review, a recipe or even a story about a foodie experience you have had.

Share it with us!

There are fantastic prizes to be won!

Together with EAT Singapore, we’ll be giving away an EAT Singapore book to one lucky writer per week. In addition, at the end of the month, a winning entry will be chosen and they will win an EAT Singapore book, a Leuchtturm1917 journal and a Lamy fountain pen.

All entries have the chance to be published on Vanilla Beige so you can share your talent with the world and perhaps even kick-start any aspirations you may have as a writer.

To enter, just go to our submissions page: BE A FOOD WRITER

Write your review in the space provided or copy and paste your text from your word doc or notes.

Be a Food Writer

Three Tips to get you started
  1. Be yourself! Every writer draws from their own experiences and passions. This is what we want to hear about.
  2. Don’t worry too much. We want you to write from the heart so don’t stress about proper sentence structure or grammer. Write everything down, edit then edit again. Finally, just submit your entry and we can take it from there. While we reserve the right to edit your writing, we really truly want to hear about what you are passionate about first and foremost.
  3. Be honest but be kind. People are looking for genuine stories. So… tell it like it is. But also remember to be kind.
Some examples you may want to look at

Don’t take these examples as a template of what you should write about. We want to hear from the real you! But just in case, here are a few foodie related items that we’ve published:

A picture says so much

We totally agree! However, this is about food writing and the words involved so photography is not a prerequisite. Feel free to take some photos along the way. If you’re a keen shutterbug, go ahead, go nuts if you’d like. We will be contacting the winners to see if they have images to go with their stories for publication, but again, it is not a prerequisite.

Ciao for Now NYC

A lovely venue shot by Sabina Spiteri (@deepestdarkestsuburbia), one of our aspiring writers.

To help you out

Try using our “Be a Food Writer” planner. Jot down your notes, thoughts and comments, then bring it all together in an article.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Be A Food Writer Planner
Be a Food Writer Planner

For a little bit more inspiration

Here’s a fantastic article about Monica Bhide, renowned food writer and author of cookbooks and novels.

“a living example of the axiom that success is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”

If she, or even I can do it, so can you! So just give it a go. If you’ve ever wanted to try writing? Submit your story now! You have a weekly chance at winning.


Write your review in the space provided or copy and paste your text from your word doc or notes.

Submissions per week close Friday at midnight on the 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of June 2017.
You can submit one entry per week.

Also, don’t forget to share your journey on Instagram #beafoodwriter


“Be a Food Writer” runs from the 2nd of June 2017 to the 30th of June 2017. Terms and conditions apply.

This competition is not sponsored in any part by Leuchtturm1917 or Lamy.

Vanilla Beige, to date, is an unpaid for platform. No one has paid us to write about or mention them in our stories. When we write a review, we pay for our own meals unless otherwise clearly stated and we prefer to visit venues incognito so we can honestly and impartially talk about what we are experiencing. Any affiliates we may have are also clearly stated within or at the bottom of each post. If it doesn’t say anything about sponsorship, we are writing about it because we just genuinely love or are interested about it.

Angela Manners loves finding an interesting story and talking to people about what they are passionate about. She is Australian but was born in Bangkok, grew up in Southeast Asia and then studied in America. Angela is passionate about coffee, food and everything that surrounds them.
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