January 2018 Calendar and the Year for Positivity

We debut our 2018 Words Calendar, starting with January and Positivity.
January 2018 calendar

This year, rather than setting myself a resolution (not that I ever set resolutions), I thought it would be better to focus on one word… just one word! One that would set the tone and motivate me for 2018… Really, that shouldn’t have been so hard. But here we are in week two of 2018 and I am only just putting our January 2018 calendar out there.

There are so many wonderful words out there. Ones that uplift, ones that motivate. There are some that ask you to slow down, think, take a breathe… It was almost impossible to pick just one for the year so we at Vanilla Beige decided that a word per month was needed!

January 2018 calendar

Each month focusses on just one word. There was no research done. The words chosen were not grounded in advice from gurus and psychologists. These are just words that we love. Ones that we want to focus on at some point this year. And while we know that everyone will have their own focus words, our Vanilla Beige 2018 Words calendar will be sent out to our email subscribers in our next newsletter.

We hope you enjoy it and please share with us how you use these words in your life over the year.

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 January 2018: Positivity

For January, we are starting with Positivity. In fact, when I was personally thinking of my one word for the year, this was going to be it. My year of positivity. This isn’t something that always comes easy to me. For whatever reason, positivity is always elusive. Call me a realist, a self-doubter, a nay-sayer… I am all of those. Those traits are deeply ingrained in my many years of life on this planet. However, after talking to so many entrepreneurs and interesting people along my journey, I know that change can and does happen. All I need is a bit of positivity and this is my focus word to start the year.

January 2018 calendar

While discussing our calendar, Sabina (aka deepest darkest suburbia) said it best…

“I gave up setting myself New Year’s resolutions many years back because it just never happened. I have come to the realisation, as I grow older and wiser and prettier :), that I just need kindness, happiness and health. That is what’s most important! So screw the get fit, stop eating crisps and chocolate resolutions. How about I just live more positively (and glamorously) in my everyday life resolutions.”

So go out there and live with positivity! You never know what may happen.

January 2018 calendar


Angela Manners loves finding an interesting story and talking to people about what they are passionate about. She is Australian but was born in Bangkok, grew up in Southeast Asia and then studied in America. Angela is passionate about coffee, food and everything that surrounds them.
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