Syndication Guidelines

Syndication is where content from one website is made available on other websites.

We love brands, writers and bloggers and enjoy syndicating their content to our platform. Here we find the voices that are the most passionate about who they are and what they do. We seek out writers and brands and the content that rings the truest, the voices that we feel will most resonate with our audience. We don’t publish everything. Instead we curate the “best of” from the brands and writers we have selected. Our hope is to bring stories and information from a brand or writer to a wider audience through our platform.

As a brand, writer, blogger or contributor, you agree that:

  • the posts on your blog are not plagiarised in any way and the images used are not copyright.
  • we are free and able to use your text and images and you allow us to edit the post visually so that it sits within our platform in a cohesive way.
  • while in most cases, your blogs will be syndicated as is, we can make minor, typographical and grammatical edits as needed. We will in no way change the tone, intent or character of your voice and we will seek your approval prior to publishing your syndicated post if we have made any changes.
  • you are entirely responsible for the content that we have syndicated from your blogs.
  • your post may be published on Vanilla Beige for as long as we deem fit and if for some reason, you would like to have it removed, you will contact us via email so that we can consider the request.

What Vanilla Beige does is this:

  • We will syndicate the blog posts that we have selected, publishing them to Vanilla Beige, in most cases, as is or with minor amendments to visual, typographical, grammatical details, according to our content calendar.
  • We will amplify your posts via our various tools, for example, social media and newsletters. This will be done according to our schedule and for the most part, without notification. The tools we use will be up to our own discretion.
  • We will always give credit to the original source and link back to the brand blogs website.
  • We will work to have your content exposed to a wider audience.

In some cases, an affiliate marketing agreement will be set up. We will always be open about these arrangements.

If you would like to join us and would like your brand blog to be syndicated here, drop us an email on