Making Warm, Fragrant Chai Tea Without any Fuss.

Frankie from T2 shows us an easy way to brew chai tea.
T2 Tea Chai

I have always loved the warm spice and sweet comfort of a good chai tea recipe. This has come in so many forms for me, the earliest of which is masala chai, drunk while eating a South Indian meal (with my hands) at Little India’s Komala Vilas. The most distinct chai memory involves many, many evenings during a cold Sydney winter where we would brew up a hot pot of chai every evening for a pregnant friend who was staying with us. We had this with her other craving of store-bought Madiera cake. You can only imagine what the effect on my waistline was that winter!

T2 Tea Chai

T2 Chai is full of a beautiful blend of quality spices and black tea leaves.

We were really very naive, back then, to think that there wasn’t caffeine in this brew of hot milk, sugar, spices and tea leaves. Very happily, the chai was sipped and savoured while watching telly, every evening. We would do this without fail and sometimes wonder why our nights sleep wasn’t so sound.

I always feel that bit of nostalgia when someone brings up chai. Frankie, T2’s ambassador and tea pro showed us a super easy way to make chai (without the mess and fuss of boiling everything up on a stovetop). He also shared with us his Pro Tips on teamaking. Though Singapore is hot and steamy and we had this during the day, I was still brought back to those lovely evenings, rugged up, feeling cosy and enjoying our nightly cup of aromatic chai.

T2 Tea Chai

Left to right: soy milk, T2 Teamaker, honey with T2 Perfect Scoop in glass, T2 Chai, T2 Just Ginger, double-walled glasses.

What you’ll need:
  • T2 Chai (add some T2 Just Ginger if you want an extra kick)
  • T2 Teamaker
  • T2 Perfect Scoop
  • T2 Timer
  • Double-walled glasses
  • Honey
  • 250ml boiling water
  • 250ml heated soy milk

T2 Tea Chai

  1. Add 4 perfect scoops of T2 Chai to the T2 Teamaker (add in T2 Just Ginger to taste, if needed).
  2. Fill with boiling water.
  3. Add heated soy milk.

    T2 Tea Chai

    Adding soy milk to boiling water in the T2 Teamaker.

  4. Brew for three to five minutes.
  5. Sit the T2 Teamaker onto each glass to dispense the tea.

    T2 Tea Chai

    The T2 Teamaker could not be easier to use, just sit on a glass to dispense the tea.

  6. Sweeten with honey to taste.
  7. Get cosy and enjoy!
T2 Tea Chai

T2’s Frankie, ambassador and tea pro, showing us how it’s done.

Check out Frankie’s Pro Tips, Fruitalicious Iced Tea Spritzer and Traditional Matcha recipe. You can also find out more about Nicky Sparshott, T2’s CEO and for more tea inspired recipes, visit

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