What does Engineering, Mr Olympia and Shake Your Wellness Bar have in Common?

How does one go from competing in Mr Olympia to owning his own wellness bar? Find out here.
Shake Your Wellness Bar
Shake Your Wellness Bar's #1, Back to Basics.

For me, it now seems “normal” in Singapore to find that the most unlikely, disparate connections have something in common. In this case, it is newly opened Shake Your Wellness Bar in the CBD (Ground Level 1, Republic Plaza, Raffles Place). The latest venture by Luca Prandi, Italian-born entrepreneur, opened in March and is a healthier, quicker option for breakfast, lunch and anything in between. Prior to Singapore, Luca lived in Hong Kong where he started and built his own fitness and wellness-related company (MARPIC WELLNESS). Shake Your Wellness Bar is only a mini-jump in the same direction as his original passion. That passion would be of living a wholesome lifestyle and sharing his knowledge with the world.

Shake Your Wellness Bar

The shopfront at Level 1, Republic Plaza, Raffles Place.

When Luca first moved to Singapore only a year ago, he decided to open a franchise coffee shop and this was the experience that brought him closer to building his own concept. On a walk by the Kallang River with his wife and eight month old baby, he wondered what was missing from Singapore. This is where he first conceptualised the idea of Shake Your Wellness Bar. Just one conversation was all it took for him to realise that this would be his next project, one that drew on his passion and his strengths. Using the lessons learned as a franchisee, his experience with MARPIC WELLNESS and his genuine love of living a healthy life, Luca set to work building the business from idea to a physical shop.

Shake Your Wellness Bar

Shake Your Wellness Bar’s #14 Cleanse in Green

In the beginnning

Luca actually studied civil engineering, graduating with a Masters Degree in his field. His initial career took him to various cities around the world. This background is what helped him to develop the attitude that anything could be possible. “It’s complicated”, he said of engineering, “but it opens your mind”. As an engineer, he was presented with problems that needed solving. The only way would be to work through or around the issue. Luca applies this to his life even now, not content to believe that something is not possible.

While he was growing up and during his school years, Luca thrived on competition. He participated in sporting events, trained as an athelete and competed, all while studying in University. This is where Mr. Olympia came into the picture. In 2015, Luca was a competitor in Mr. Olympia, a professional body-building competition, in the body physique category. Well-being, looking after his body and being healthy was always a part of his life. His new venture actually comes very naturally to him because he has always had health and fitness in his background.

Shake Your Wellness – “a shake for any time of the day”!

Shake Your Wellness Bar is the place to go where you can get a healthy fix, quickly, easily and without having to spend hours researching what is needed to make that perfect combination smoothie at home. Whether you are after breakfast, a mid-morning beverage, a lunch that will fill you or an afternoon pick-up, you can easily and confidently find something healthy for you at Shake Your Wellness Bar.

Shake Your Wellness Bar

Shake Your Wellness Bar’s #12, Waist Thinner.

The concept of meal replacement with a shake is completely foreign to me. As an Asian growing up in Southeast Asia, I am much more accustomed to my rice and three dishes or a bowl of fish ball noodles. The problem with this, for me now, is that I am ravenous in under an hour and stuffing chocolate cake into my mouth.

I have tried to do the morning smoothie for brekky. As busy as my life is, it would be a great option as I’m heading out the door. However, I despise banana (unless it’s in a cake) and so many smoothies and shakes use banana as a main ingredient. Another well known fact amongst my friends is that I am rather funny about my fruit. As in, which ones I’ll eat and how they are served. So you see, the smoothie thing was passing me by because I couldn’t be bothered to look into better combinations. Thank you Shake Your Wellness Bar for sorting out that problem for me!

Shake Your Wellness Bar

Shake Your Wellness Bar’s #11, Sinless Purple.

Feelings-based choices

When I popped by Shake Your Wellness Bar to meet Luca, it was mid morning and I was feeling snacky. He recommended a refreshing drink with greens, protein and a hint of citrus. If you’re at their outlet, you can look up on the board and pick your drink based on what your tummy is telling you at the time.

“How do you feel?” is what Shake Your Wellness Bar is asking you. “Are you hungry? Are you up for a snack? Do you need a protein top-up? A post-workout option? A detox?” It makes it easy to see the options you can have based on what your needs are at that time. They also are more than happy to customise your shake for you. I can easily ask them to omit the banana in any option.

Shake Your Wellness Bar

Shake Your Wellness Bar’s #15, Chocolate Detox.

More importantly, Luca has worked with a team of dieticians who have carefully tested and researched each recipe so you don’t have to. For each shake that is available, they have ensured that the right combination of nutrients and ingredients are used to whet whatever craving you are having. You can also be sure that no sugar or sweetener is used whatsoever!

Shaking for the future

We asked Luca what his plans for Shake Your Wellness Bar was going forward. He responded, “I want to build a franchise or at least, I have a plan to open six shops in the next three years”.

His advice for anyone wanting to start their own F&B outlet was “make sure you do your market research on what you want to launch. The market is competitive and packed with products from different sources. After you decide what product to develop, make sure you have the budget and the team to start the process. It’s not easy at all. It’s not the Singapore of 20 years ago where “nothing” was on the market.”

Shake Your Wellness Bar

Shake Your Wellness Bar recently expanded their range to healthy wraps, yoghurt and other nutritious delights.

So if you’re in the CBD, drop by Shake Your Wellness Bar for a quick fix to your daily needs . They are located on Level 1 , Republic Plaza, Raffles Place.

For more information:

Shake @ Republic Plaza
9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza, #01-17
Singapore 048619


Phone: +65 69090424
Email: info@shakewellnessbar.com

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri, 7am – 9pm

Facebook: shakeyourwellnessbar
Instagram: shakeyourwellnessbar

All images provided by Shake Your Wellness Bar.



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