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A dinner party gone wrong and only finding the solution after the fact? We talk to BottlesXO.

I once had a dinner party. It was just a few friends, six of us in total. Since I don’t really drink, I had a couple of bottles of wine in the back and thought nothing of it. Each invited duo arrived with their own bottle of wine so I set them all out along with my couple bottles and we were ready to go… So I thought. One of my foodie friends looked at our beverage stash and said to me, “you do have more wine, don’t you?” Naively, I said, “isn’t that enough?” What followed was a bit of a look that meant, “oh darl, I love you, but that is NOT enough wine and seriously, how could you?!” It would have been handy to have known about BottlesXO that night.

As luck (or no such luck) would have it, I actually rocked into the BottlesXO offices only a week or two after that dinner party. They had kindly offered to host our coffee tasting (or cupping as known by coffee industry professionals) with Perk Coffee. It was a slap-your-forehead kind of moment when I realised that they would have provided the perfect solution for my dinner party. Lesson learned! Thank goodness I know about them now!

BottlesXO delivers fine wine and beer, chilled, within the hour! What a fantastic idea. How did it all begin?

The founders of BottlesXO have one thing in common. They believe that no one should ever have to wait for a good glass of chilled Champagne. The start-up that has changed the lives of wine and beer lovers in Singapore was founded in Shanghai by three tech-savvy wine lovers: Thilo Fuchs, Mischa Schulze, and Zou Zhengfang.

BottlesXO Founders

Two of BottlesXO founders, Mischa Shulze (left) and Thilo Fuchs (right).

When they found it difficult to get good wines and craft beer whenever they wanted it, they started BottlesXO as a modern, convenient and simple way to purchase a bottle on-demand. After a successful start in Shanghai in 2015, BottlesXO has since expanded to Hong Kong, Suzhou and now Singapore where they just celebrated an amazing first year.

How do you pick which wines and beers appear on your platform?

We are passionate about our products as well as the people that make them, offering a range of high quality, boutique European wines and beers.

All of our wines and beers come from independent vineyards and breweries that are passionate about their craft, mindful of their environment and have a story to tell. These are bottles you can trust, carefully curated to make your choice effortless.

To guarantee the highest standards, members of the BottlesXO team travel throughout Europe to personally meet the producers and select the finest bottles.


Who do you think would most appreciate service?

Having an unexpected wine emergency? We’re here to rescue you, delivering in less than 60 minutes to wherever you are in your city, using next generation technology like ordering via mobile app, GPS tracking and advanced logistics.

By combining the classic enjoyment of great drinks with mobile shopping and technology, BottlesXO makes something that we all love more convenient than it has ever been.


The BottlesXO easy-to-use and convenient app.

Which wine or beer is your favourite?

We don’t have only one favourite wine, because we believe that every drink has its ideal moment.

When you are outside having a BBQ with friends, nothing beats our Hecht & Bannier Cotes de Provence Rosé or our fresh and easygoing Italian Enki Blonde Ale for the beer lover.

If you have a nice dinner, we love an elegant and structured red wine, especially our Château Brun, a St Émilion Grand Cru from an Family vineyard dating back to 1571.

But of course there is always an exception: Our de Venoge Blanc de Blanc Champagne is perfect for breakfast lunch and dinner.

What’s coming up next for BottlesXO? Are there any new products that you’re looking at that we should be excited about?

We are always updating and expanding our selection on the app to keep our customers curious and coming back for more. From introducing our awesome craft beer selection to personalised gift card and gift box options, we can’t wait to unveil more exciting things in the next few months.

Is there any advice you’d give to someone wanting to start their own (import or wine or app) business?

When you start your own business, be prepared to go all the way. Choose something you genuinely love, because you will spend a lot of time doing it. You will constantly struggle and have to overcome obstacles you didn’t even think of in the beginning.

But if you love what you do, it will be worth while.

But if you love what you do, it will be worth while. Every moment gives you a great satisfaction to create something. Don’t be afraid of sharing your ideas with others. The idea is important, but success comes through execution and this you only improve by sharing, doing and learning.

BottlesXO has a themed weekly wine & craft beer tasting at their Singapore headquarter. Held on their gorgeous alfresco terrace, tickets are only $15 per person (download the BottlesXO app) and includes both the wine and beer tastings plus light bites.

Stay up to date about their latest events by following them on Facebook – BottlesXOSingapore or Peatix – BottlesXO Singapore.

For more information:

Phone: +65 6635 2695

How to buy:
Download the BottlesXO app on the app store. Available for both Apple & Android.

Hours of service:
Mon to Fri – 2pm to 10.30pm
Sat and Sun – 10.30am to 10.30pm

Social media:
Facebook: BottlesXOSingapore
Instagram: Bottles_XO
Twitter: BottlesXO

Images provided by BottlesXO.

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