It’s a Mumma’s Morning (and all before 8am!)…

Does this sound familiar to anyone with little kids?

This morning I was up at six am with my little man (considered a sleep in compared to the usual wake up time of five am)! I changed his nappy, played with him, left him to play by himself while I put a load of washing on, cleared the cats litter, fed the cats, put the washed up dishes from last night away, came back to play with him a bit before making myself a cup of Milo because I’m starving from a night of feeding the hungry little man. Not to mention I was awake between 11-12 and 2-4.

I noticed a trail of ants leading from the little mans high chair to the kitchen and went on a massacre of the annoying little beasts. Played with little man some more… more like carried him around and did everything one handed because he’s like a velcro cling-on little monster (we shall call him Velcro from here on).



Husband crawled out of bed casually, probably after spending 30mins lying in bed with his phone in hand, proceeded to make himself breakfast and sat down at the table. I threw a sideways glance, sweating from my ant massacre. Proceeded to make breakfast for Velcro and myself, while also preparing his snacks and lunch for the day because I’ve also got to go to work.

Husband says ‘oh I though you’d already had breakfast, Velcro looks like he has dried yoghurt on his nose’.

No, my dear, that’s dried snot…

🙄 It’s a Mumma’s life. 😬

Nic Pharaoh is a country girl living in the big smoke. As an expat for the last 10 years she yearns for a life back home with her hubby, human baby and two fur babies. For now she's enjoying the Singapore life, spending her time taking care of the family and household whilst working on her startup business. She is passionate about coffee, baking treats and is about to launch her own line of breastfeeding tops (stay tuned!)
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