The Attaby Collective Presents Christmas – Your One-Stop-Shop

There is no need to run around Singapore looking for the perfect present. The Attaby Collective has something for everyone.

This year, we at Vanilla Beige wanted to help you personalise your Christmas gifting by really thinking about who you might be giving presents to and why. When The Attaby Collective (TheAC) opened its’ doors on Joo Chiat Road earlier in the year I knew it would be something special. This really should be your one-stop-shop for Christmas gifting because there are so many beautiful brands available at this multi-label boutique.

Each brand is specially selected and curated by Claire Chahill, founder and designer of Attaby. She created TheAC as a place to explore and fall in love with all these unique brands under one roof. This year, save yourself from running around from place to place and do all your shopping at this fantastic location.

We talked to the founders of the brands at TheAC and they gave us a sneak peek into their gift giving this year.

Attaby Inzone5

Attaby, Sunset Wrap Dress ($160); Inzone5, Unit Nine Yoga Mat ($165).


“I would give my Sunset Wrap Dress to my best friend and companion through pregnancy and early life as a mum. She is embarking on her first post-pregnancy job and needs an injection of smart, contemporary work gear.”

– Claire


“I would buy my best friend in Singapore a Unit Nine Yoga Mat from Inzone5.  Then the two of us can enjoy morning coffees and yoga classes together every week. These yoga mats not only look super fashionable with their eye-catching animal prints, they are also eco-friendly; made of biodegradable, recyclable natural tree rubber.  FREE of Latex, silicon, PVC and chemicals. 

A gift that is practical, made to last, promotes an active lifestyle and looks amazingly chic. What more can you ask for?”

– Donna and Liz

Hanway, Apres swimshorts ($125); Cote + Badt, Iberian Mens Espadrilles ($110).

Cote + Badt

“For us, it would be the Iberian Mens Espadrilles for our husbands. It’s the perfect casual footwear that you want to have in Singapore – classy, comfortable, versatile… Wear them with shorts for a visit to the museum or with jeans for a cool night out. And they come in several colours!”

– Samira and Sandra


“The Apres swimshorts would go to our husbands. Swimshorts are the perfect gift in the tropics! This range is fun, colourful and stylish. Perfect attire for the beach to pool to bar.”

– Angela and Nina

Boometi, Grace Linen Dress ($69), Clint Shirt ($53) with Pololo Blake ($35); Tara’s World, Buldan Turkish Towels ($30 each)


“I would love to pick matching styles for my best girlfriend’s kids (5-year-old girl and 18-month-old baby). These would be:

  • Grace linen blue dress, for her daughter: The linen is very elegant for a special occasion and so comfortable at the same time. The style of the dress is very light and fresh so it doesn’t bother the kids when playing.
  • For the baby, Clint short sleeve blue linen shirt and Pololo Blake ethnic print: The shirt and the pololo are so cute together and super comfy for a little explorer.

Such beautiful outfits for a Christmas family event!”

– Yolanda

Tara’s World

“I would give this set of four Buldan Turkish towels to my friend, her husband and two kids who just moved to Singapore. This is a great gift to settle them into condo life. The four towels look great in a basket by the front door, ready to take down to the pool. They also pack really easily for a day at the beach.”

– Ceyda

The Attaby Collective

Pictured, clockwise: Ruby Slipper, Dhurrie Cushion ($65 small, $75 medium, $85 large); Louise Hill Design, We Love Singapore ($440); Elements Brass Lantern ($105), Brass Planter ($75) Not Pictured: Elements Concept, Star Lantern ($39)

Louise Hill Designs

“My We Love Singapore print would be a joint farewell gift for a good friend who is moving back to America. A group of friends have all chipped in for this great piece so it can hang on her wall in Denver and remind the family of their Singapore adventure. It will come rolled so it is super easy to travel with.”

– Louise

Ruby Slipper

“We have chosen our handmade Dhurrie Cushion Covers and we would give it to a friend with kids. Our range of cushion covers are made out of our cotton dhurrie rugs so it makes them very durable, washable and practical for families with kids. They are reasonably priced and come in many different colours.

We often hear that women don’t want to spend a fortune on cushions as they have kids and usually cushions are very delicate. That’s where we got the idea to make something pretty but practical.”

– Farah and Nicole

Elements Concept

“We think the Small Star Lantern is a perfect gift. Perhaps for a teenage daughter, so she can have some nice Christmas vibes in her room :). If she doesn’t like stars, perhaps our brass lantern or planter would provide the same effect.”

– Ingeborg

Elverd Designs, Gemstone Jewellery / Urban Chic Collection ($149-$450); Elyse & I, Bee Mine Pouch ($140)

Elverd Designs

“This year for Christmas I’d love for my two sisters to receive something special under the tree. They’re hard-working, loving and dedicated mothers who deserve to feel appreciated and spoilt. I’d choose our new Urbane Chic LOVE collection. With bezel set stones, this collection of colourful bangles, rings and pendants has been designed to wear daily.

I would select stones that represent them as individuals and colours that they can layer and personalize. Blue Topaz, for harmony, balance and confidence. Rose Quartz, for love, protection and peace.”

– Natalie

Elyse & I

“I would get the Bee Mine Pouch for my sister back in the UK to send her a bit of stylish Christmas cheer. It’s beautiful, versatile and ships really easily.”

– Emily

For more information on TheAC, visit

The Attaby Collective is at
420 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427641

Open Tuesday to Saturday,
10am – 8pm and Sunday
11am – 3pm.

Facebook: theattabycollective
Instagram: theattabycollective

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