T2 and Chinese New Year Tea Pairings

I can't get enough of T2 tea and this year they're sharing their best Chinese New Year Tea and Food pairings.
T2 Chinese New Year

What are your favourite dishes over the Chinese New Year? For me, Chinese New Year is a chance to reminisce about my childhood. Back then, I recall lots of red packets, visits to and from friends and family as well as copious amounts of treats! I was truly appreciative this year when T2 sent over their Chinese New Year tea and food recommendations. Even more thankful to receive a range of their beautiful teawares to go with this special occasion.

T2 Chinese New Year

There’s a type tea that will suit just about any visitor that comes over this year.

Entertain vibrantly

T2 has everything you might need for entertaining this celebratory season. You can host a CNY feast at home in vibrant style with their red T2 Teaset Teapot, Cups and Saucers (from $30). If you’re in the kitchen, their T2 Teaset Mug with Infuser and Lid ($40) will help you brew your tea easily. It also keeps your tea nice and hot while you are working away.

T2 Chinese New Year

Preparing red packets for the kids.

Take it with you

If you’re on the go and out visiting, T2 Explorer Flasks are the way to go. They come in gorgeous colours. I know that mine is going to be stolen by my ten year old before the holiday is over – it’s lilac! Or perhaps, she’ll take my Gold Stainless Steel Flask . Both these items ($50) have an infuser that screws into the cap so you can brew as you go. A Fruitalicious Iced Tea for her and a green tea for me – perhaps Matcha or their Gorgeous Geisha.

T2 Flasks

Ready to go visiting. One for her and one for me.

Traditional becomes modern

I also love how T2 turns the most traditional teas into modern incarnations. One of their classic teas for Chinese New Year is China Lychee (from $20). This blend combines a beautiful black tea with the aroma and fragrance of lychee fruit.

T2 Tea Chinese new Year

Ready to indulge in New Year treats!

Thank you, T2 for the lovely collection of teas, teaware and your tea and food pairing recommendations. Here are my three favourites food and tea pairings from the T2 recommendations.

Pineapple tarts + Pu-erh

I don’t actually remember having many of these as a child, but now that I’m all grown up, they are little bites that I can’t stop eating! Paired with Pu-erh, you can naughtily enjoy a few more of these treats because the tea helps to refresh the palate.

Pineapple tarts. Image by T2.

Steamed whole fish + Oolong Formosa

I will jump through hoops to join my parents for steamed fish. It’s one of my all time favourite Chinese dishes. Clean flavours and soothing aromas eminate when the dish is placed before you. Give me a bowl of rice some stir fried greens with garlic and I’m a happy woman! Oolong tea helps to mellow out the rich flavours while allowing the subtle flavours of the fresh fish to shine.

Steamed whole fish. Image by T2.

Nian gao + Gorgeous Geisha

Nian gao is definitely a childhood memory for me. I rarely eat it now and I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I don’t really know how it should be fried up. Still, I had to pick this pairing as I remember it so well.

T2 Chinese New Year

Uncooked Nian Gao. Image by T2.

A sweet like this needs full-bodied tea, perhaps a green like Gorgeous Geisha. The earthy, savoury flavour profiles of a green tea will provide an intriguing contrast to nian gao’s intense sweetness.

T2 Chinese New Year

Cooked Nian Gao. Image by T2.

For more information visit t2tea.com

Facebook: T2Tea
Instagram: @t2tea

Drop into one of their retail stores and shop their Chinese New Year tea collection. T2 now has four outlets in Singapore and they are all open from 10am to 10pm:

  • Ion Orchard – 2 Orchard Turn, B1-13 Singapore 238801
  • Great World City – 1 Kim Seng Promenade, 01-06/7 Singapore 237994
  • 313@Somerset – 313 Orchard Road, 01-20 Singapore 238895
  • Suntec City – 3 Temasek Boulevard, 01-340 Singapore 038983
T2 Chinese New Year

Treats for the Chinese New Year.

We were not paid to write this story and our reviews are honest. We were gifted the three Chinese New Year teas and a selection of teaware from T2 with no obligation. Thank you so much T2!

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