Avo & Co Presents Christmas… A Thoughtful, Fresh Alternative

Recently discovered Avo & Co, fruit and vegetable subscription box service, tells us how they would give their produce as pressies
Avo and Co
Image by Carrotsticks & Cravings

This year, we at Vanilla Beige wanted to help you personalise your Christmas gifting by really thinking about who you might be giving presents to and why. To help us, we asked the founders of our favourite brands to tell us their personal selections for gifts this year. Avo & Co was a recent discovery for me. Specialising in subscription boxes of fruit and vegetables, why wouldn’t you save yourself the hassle of running down to the markets all the time.

Both Clement and Cedric, co-founders of Avo & Co are brothers and know all about picking out the best produce. I couldn’t resist asking them what they would gift as presents to their friends and family. While not your “normal” gift of chocolate or wine, I think something fresh for the season would be a wonderfully thoughtful present for anyone.

For the tomato lover

“I would give San Marzano tomatoes and Kumatoes to our close friend Antonio who’s an Italian that loves to cook. He has a thing for tomatoes (his wife is jealous about this), and always complains that the tomatoes he gets elsewhere are tasteless. Ours are not! So he would love them.”

– Clement

Avo and Co

Start getting tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes, when you get any one of Avo & Co.’s Boxes at www.avoandco.com/shop They have them in their boxes every week! Apply Promo Code: BESTVEGEVER for a $20 discount off your first box!

For the avocado freak

“Avocadoes to my friend YC, who’s an avocado freak (or maybe he’s the normal one). He usually puts avocado in with his salad and juices. He loves our avocados because they are fully ripened! One time, he bought an avocado from elsewhere that just didn’t ripen and threw it at my head! So to save myself from any more harm, I would give him some of our fully ripened avocados.”

– Cedric

Avo and Co Avocados

Get the option to add on even more avocados to the weekly box when you click on “add-ons” after selecting the box of your choice at www.avoandco.com/shop. Enjoy $20 OFF your first box when you apply Promo Code: BESTVEGEVER. Think about how many avocados that is!

For the busy mum

“Our Fruits & Veg Box would go to our Aunt Kathy who is working and has 2 young kids. She would love to have variety in her produce along with high-quality staples, all delivered to her! This would save her the embarrassment of stoning in front of the vegetable section at the ‘mart!”

– Clement

Avo and Co Fruit and Veg

Regular Fruits & Veg Box for 3-5 pax ($90/week)

Shop for a Regular Fruits & Veg box at www.avoandco.com/shop and get it all delivered to you! You can even enjoy a $20 discount when you apply the Promo Code BESTVEGEVER!

For the vegan couple (there’s one in every group)

John and his girlfriend would love our Petit Box. They are vegan and cook every other day! I think that our mix of exotic and quirky produce, along with the recipe cards that come along with them would suit them just nicely (there are staples in there too). This would absolutely satisfy John’s desire to be on Masterchef.”

– Cedric

Avo and Co Petit Box

Image by Carrotsticks & Cravings

Petit Fruits & Vege Box ($58)

Get the choice to add on nuts as well when you click on add-ons! Get it all delivered to you and enjoy a $20 discount when you apply the Promo Code BESTVEGEVER!

For the hostess with the mostest

“We would give our growth hormone and antibiotic free chicken and artisanal cheeses to Steph who’s always hosting and is careful about what she feeds her family. We reckon we would get a nice hug from her for finding those chickens, and a kiss for the artisanal Swiss Cheese/ finely aged Gruyere!”

– Clement

Avo and Co Cheese

Image by Cheese Ark

Learn more about the different types of add-ons they have available so you have a great story to tell at the dinner at avoandco.com/produce/. You can then choose the add-ons of your choice to add to the box. You can vary them each week!  Apply Promo Code: BESTVEGEVER for a $20 discount off your first box!

For more information visit avoandco.com

You can also email Clement the co-founder at hello@avoandco.com or WhatsApp/call him at 93878067, he’s always good for a veggie chat!


All images provided by Avo & Co.

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