Agora Products Presents Christmas… For the Foodie in us all!

Fall in love with Greece this Christmas with some great ideas from the founders of Agora Products.

This year, we at Vanilla Beige wanted to help you personalise your Christmas gifting by really thinking about who you might be giving presents to and why. To help us, we asked the founders of our favourite brands to tell us their personal selections for gifts this year. First on our list was Agora Products because I have quite a few foodies in my group of friends.

True foodies scour the world for the best tastes available and Greek cuisine is one that I just adore. When thinking of presents this year, I knew I had to talk to Evita Sideri and Kate Mitchell from Agora Products. They handpick the best that comes all the way from Greece! Agora Products is the brand that brings Greek quality and tradition to your table and home in Singapore. Read our fantastic interview with them about how Agora Products got started.

Here’s what they suggested. 


For the organics fanatic

“I have a coffee buddy who is an organic fanatic. She always wants healthy options that are tasty and stylish too! I would gift her our gift set of Organic Mountain Tea by Anassa Organics and The Family Beez Organic Wildflower Honey. I think it would be perfect for any lover of organic produce. And if they are into style, the gorgeous packaging will really impress them.”

– Evita

Organic Mountain Tea and Organic Wildflower Honey Gift Set ($54.80) contains:

  • Anassa Organics Organic Mountain Tea: An award-winning Greek mountain tea that is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. It contains an aromatic medicinal plant used for stomach-soothing, tonic and detoxifying properties. The tin box is a perfect cube (9x9x9!) and the tea includes whole flower blossoms. It is caffeine-free and has no artificial fragrances. To top it off, you can enjoy this aromatic herb in an innovative way. Fill the empty sachet provided, poke the stick through the holes to perch it on your cup and pour hot water over it. 20 teabags and six wooden sticks are included in the tin. To add to the flavour, enjoy the tea with The Family Beez Organic Wildflower Honey that comes with this gift set.
  • The Family Beez Organic Wildflower Honey has a light golden colour, a soft aroma and a delicate taste. All this is due to the rich flora of the nature and biodiversity of the island of Serifos in Greece. It is 100% Organic. If there is anything left in the jar, you can use it on top of plain yoghurt, over fruit, muesli or as a glaze on meat! One spoon is never enough!

For the flavour fiend

“We all know a mum at school who is a wonderful home cook. She is always looking at how to add flavour to her dishes but in an easy way. I would gift her our Terra Creta Spray Gift Pack. I LOVE it! It’s a great solution for easy and controllable application! Just pump away to enhance the flavours of your fresh salad, steamed vegetables, fish or meat!”

– Kate

Gift set of Terra Creta Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar in spray bottles ($32.00) contains:

  • Terra Creta PDO Kolymvari Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a spray bottle. Terra Creta follows strictly organic processes throughout the cultivation and production of this olive oil. Everything that comes from the olive tree is returned back to the environment. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used. The spray bottle contains single variety (Koroneiki), single origin, cold-pressed, first pressed oil, with an acidity below 0.5%. Say NO to blends. Packed in recyclable materials, this is a fully traceable organic EXTRA virgin olive oil and you can visit to trace every step in the preparation of this award-winning extra virgin olive oil. 
  • Terra Creta Balsamic Vinegar in a spray bottle is a high-quality balsamic vinegar from Crete in Greece. Produced from the red grapes of the local, traditional Romeiko variety, it is aged for 6 months in oak barrels. This produces a great sweet and sour flavour. It’s a 100% natural product, with no added colourings or sweeteners and comes in an easy spray bottle for your convenience.  

For the lover of beautiful packaging

“Another friend of mine loves items that can be used as decoration for her table. Our Ladolea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil would be perfect for her! This gift is of exceptional taste and design. It will bring a creative flair to her festive table and since she is also a foodie, I know that she will love this product because it is beautiful inside and out. Just like she is.”


Ladolea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in White Ceramic Pot ($52) includes:

  • 600ml bottle of Ladolea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in their custom designed white ceramic pot.
  • The oil is a 100% single variety (Patrinia olives), cold-pressed and from the northern area of the Peloponnesian peninsula in Greece. The olives are harvested with great care and stored in crates to ensure their perfect condition before being pressed, strictly within 24 hours in order to preserve and maintain all beneficial elements.
  • It is high in polyphenols and antioxidants and completely organic.
  • Presented in a Traditional white ceramic pot with a pourer. Remove the internal cork like a good bottle of wine and replace with the pourer that is provided! 

Be a teacher’s favourite parent

“Our tea and honey packages are amazing as a teacher’s gift! You can present them as a single set or with all three together!”

– Evita

Tea and honey sets ($38.80 each or three for $108):

  • Anassa Organic Mountain Tea and Thyme Raw Honey from The Family Beez
  • Anassa Organic Mint Herbal Tea and Oak Raw Honey from The Family Beez
  • Anassa Organic Lemon Verbena Herbal Tea and Heather Raw Honey from The Family Beez

To purchase these special gift packs, visit or email 

All images provided by Agora Products.

Angela Manners loves finding an interesting story and talking to people about what they are passionate about. She is Australian but was born in Bangkok, grew up in Southeast Asia and then studied in America. Angela is passionate about coffee, food and everything that surrounds them.
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