FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, Fab Fun for the Family

BE A FOOD WRITER WEEK 1 WINNER! Did someone say "Butter Beer"? Kellie Timko, Studylah founder tells us about this sweet spot in Bedok
FATCAT Ice Cream Bar Butter Beer

“Butter Beer” was all my Darling Husband (DH) needed say to convince me to haul the kids over to FATCAT in Bedok and check out this ice-cream bar. I was  inspired to write a rave review for FATCAT Ice Cream Bar for the numerous reasons which I will elaborate on shortly. Although, the experience wasn’t perfect, when I ask myself if I’d ever go back, the answer would be an enthusiastic “YES”!

Family fun and grown-up beverages

This Bedok restaurant was so much fun to dine at. The cosy venue was trendy with a great atmosphere. It was family-friendly, yet had special alcoholic options to tempt and intrigue the adults.  The desserts and drinks were creative, unique and, most importantly, tasted divine.  

For mum and dad

My husband could not resist ordering the “Butter Beer”.  Containing a full bottle of Hoegaarden, it was topped with a frothy, special butter foam with the fun element of smoke… literally smoking cold! This awesome Hogwarts-inspired drink was enjoyed for its taste AND the experience. Dry ice was used to make the drink smoke and it was added to the beer tableside, making it that much more impressive. DH had the benefit of explaining the science behind the CO2 to his two darling daughters.  

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar Affogato

Unfortunately, my first two options on the menu were not available.  I was disappointed as I wanted to try the Mojito Cocktail Sphere and was looking forward to the Reverse S’mores. With both of these items unavailable, I opted for a spiked Affogato. This was a bold shot of espresso coffee with a scoop of ice cream (choose your own  flavour). Add to that a shot of butterscotch liqueur! It’s a beverage and dessert all-in-one. This was so good, I quickly got over the disappointment of missing out on my first two choices.

For the kids

Darling Daughters ordered FATCAT’s signature waffles.  These were gourmet charcoal waffles with a side serving of salted egg yolk sauce. As the name may suggest, the waffle is black in color. Thankfully, they ordered their waffle with ice-cream as they didn’t care for the egg yolk sauce (and neither did I, although my DH enjoyed it).  The waffles are, in fact, one huge waffle about an inch thick. The girls polished off the waffle without hesitation. They were full and extremely satisfied.  

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar

Image from fatcat.sg

We timed our arrival just right at 6pm on a Saturday evening and we were seated at a high bar table right away. Every other table was occupied and there was a waiting bench outside, which filled up as we ate.   

In my opinion, the prices on the food and drinks is quite reasonable.  The Butter Beer drink was the most expensive item we ordered at $14.  The waffle on its own was only $6 and a scoop of ice-cream is $3.90.  A cappuccino will cost you $5.

We visted the Bedok branch and I am looking forward to going to their sister outlet on Orchard Road called STRAY by Fatcat. Hopefully when I do dine there, they will have everything on the menu and more!  I recommend FATCAT Ice Cream Bar for a family treat or as a tourist experience.  

For more information, visit fatcat.sg

Blk 416, Bedok North Avenue 2
#01-25 Singapore 460416

Tel: +65 6241 0830 (no reservations)

Opening hours:
Mon, Wed to Thur – 1pm to 10pm
Fri – 1pm to 11pm
Sat – 12noon to 11pm
Sun – 12noon to 10pm

Facebook: fatcatsg
Instagram: fatcatsg

Images by Kellie Timko unless otherwise noted.

FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, Fab Fun for the Family was our winner for Week 1 of the Be a Food Writer competition.


Kellie Timko is an Aussie who has lived abroad for almost 15 years. She loves the life of an expat wife and appreciates the time this allows her to spend with her family, especially helping, encouraging and supporting her two school aged daughters to thrive. Currently living in Singapore she is learning to speak Mandarin in order to support her kids study of the language. Kellie has started a facebook page designed to help parents prepare their primary school students for English and Chinese spelling tests. Studylah creates printable study sets so you don’t have to. Kellie is passionate about encouraging her girls to learn and set up Studylah after producing the printable study sets for her daughters. https://www.facebook.com/STUDYLAH/
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