Chef’s Table Friday Lunches

Chef's Table's new Friday lunches are a delicious end to a busy work week or an early start for your weekend.
Chef's Table risotto

Of the many places I’ve eaten in Singapore, Chef’s Table still remains one of my all-time favourites. Chef Stephan Zoisl and his team are truly amazing and earlier this year, we had the pleasure of talking to him about how it all began. When Chef Stephan invited me to taste their new Chef’s Table Lunch (only available on Fridays), I was more than delighted! Not surprisingly, Chef Stephan has had many requests for a lunch option at Chef’s Table. This is why it is now a permanent fixture and includes four spectacular dishes. Lunch is only served on Friday and would be a great location to have a meeting or start the weekend early with an exquisite meal.

The Friday Lunch menu at Chef’s Table

Lunch, like their dinner menu, is prepared from the freshest and finest ingredients available on that day. You are presented with 16 items from which you can omit anything you do not enjoy. On the day we dined there, everything looked tasty and so I let Chef Stephan and his team do the rest.

Chef's Table Menu

No man is an island

Each time I have dined at Chef’s Table I have wondered how the dishes were created. To think on your feet daily and create something spectacular to feed discerning diners every evening is something that I would never attempt. Chef Stephan and Chef Lorenz, who is equally talented, work closely together to conceptualise the ultimate dishes. In a kitchen of this calibre, teamwork matters. They conceptualise dishes together and then execute to perfection.

Never a dull moment

For our lunch at Chef’s Table, we enjoyed four beautiful courses. The menu will be different when you dine there because each dish is created based on what is available on that day. Here is what we enjoyed that Friday, over two lovely hours of chat and fine dining.

Salmon Trout

Chef's Table Salmon Trout starter

The lightly marinated, raw slice of salmon trout with a pumpkin seed oil dressing was a cool start. The fish was garnished with horseradish, micro rocket leaves and sunchoke crisps for texture. I loved the nutty, or rather, seedy flavour of the dressing and the light lemon marinade was only a hint of acid and not overpowering.

Acquerello Riso

Chef's Table risotto

The Acquerello riso was an aged risotto rice cooked to perfection (and we all know how hard it is to get a risotto right!). On top was a silky, divine, chicken liver mousse which seemed to melt into the bed of Parmesan infused rice. Fine slices of black winter truffle from Western Australia were the crowning glory. The Majimup Truffle farm first harvested truffles in 2004 but the family farm has been a major producer of vegetables since 1978.

Red Snapper or Wagyu Beef

We were given a choice of either Red Snapper or Wagyu Beef Cheek for our main.

Chef's Table Wagyu Beef

I ordered the Wagyu Beef Cheek, oh so meltingly tender and served on top of a potato, parsley mousseline. For freshness, there were lightly cooked asparagus spears and a deeply umami-flavoured sauce was drizzled over the top. Surprisingly, the light powdering of leek ash not only added to the look of the dish, but it contributed a smoky element to the overall flavours and textures.

My dining partner had the Red Snapper, a dish that I was most envious about.

Chef's Table Snapper

Stealing a taste from her plate, I almost wished that I had ordered that instead… almost. Served with roasted cauliflower in a saffron broth, the seafood flavours really stood out. It would have been rude of me to have more of her meal.

Apple Crumble

Chef's Table apple crumble

To end was an unconventional apple crumble. Heavily infused with rum, the caramelised apple with vanilla ice cream ended our lovely lunch at Chef’s Table.

Thank you so much Chef’s Table for inviting me and a friend along for the tasting. Thank goodness that Friday lunches are here to stay! You might want to book in advance if you go and bring along a friend or two to enjoy the experience.

For more information, visit Chef’s Table

Facebook: chefstable61tras
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Phone: +65 6224 4188
Address: 61 Tras Street, Singapore


For this tasting, we were invited to try the new lunch menu by Chef’s Table and did not pay for the meal. We are never obligated to post a favourable review whether or not it is a tasting or a meal we pay for ourselves. 

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