Editorial Policy & Disclaimers

This is how we do it

We are a platform for curated and original content that explores life, its passions and all that comes with it. We believe that when a person or a brand writes from the heart and with passion, the message comes through with authenticity. We are growing a community of passionate individuals and brands who are interested in sharing their stories and knowledge to the rest of our community.

These are the rules we live by:

  • We will always give credit and link to the original source when we syndicate an article.
  • We will always let you know if we’ve been paid, invited or received anything for free. We will us words like “invited”, “hosted”, “given”, “paid” within the post so you know what is going on.
  • In some cases, we will use affiliate marketing (where we receive a portion of a sale) but are never obligated to write a positive editorial. We will also be open about this relationship. You can help support Vanilla Beige by shopping through the links provided.
  • Advertising is advertising and will be clearly marked.
  • Writers are responsible for their own content but we do reserve the right to edit with their approval.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, reviews are done independently and are usually paid for by the author. Again, we will use words like “invited” or “hosted” if the meal was paid for.

Whenever we mention “We, Us, Vanilla Beige or vanillabeige.com” we are referring to our website vanillabeige.com and/or all of our social media sites, including but not exclusive to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and any other associated accounts.

The boring stuff (disclaimers)

Vanilla Beige curates and brings you original and syndicated content based on peoples passions. This means that all views, opinions and comments expressed are those of the author and each writer takes responsibility for the opinions, recommendations and suggestions within their own articles based on their own research. While we reserve the right to edit, each author is responsible for the information contained within their stories.

All content on Vanilla Beige is not to be amended in any way without written consent from the author. It may not be distributed or duplicated without permission and where approval has been given, clear reference must be given to the author and Vanilla Beige by way of link to the website. We retain all rights to articles that have been originally written, photographs we have taken and/or artwork produced for Vanilla Beige (whether paid for or not).

We believe in ethically sourcing and genuinely presenting our content. This means that any favourable mentions on Vanilla Beige will be because we genuinely like the story we or our writers are telling. Unless expressly stated, any content we cover is not a guarantee of service or product quality. We are giving our opinions and telling the stories behind the brands and products we write about. In most cases, we have done so based on our own preferences and have not received any payment for and on behalf of the companies or people we feature. If there has been an acceptance of service, samples or payment in any form and of any kind, we will clearly disclose this to you.

If we have been invited to attend an event, food tasting or been invited to try a product by a brand, we will clearly disclose this interaction but we also reserve the right not to cover the product, service or event if we feel that it is unsuitable for our website.

Editorial content:

Articles, posts and written word:

As discussed above, all of the content we generate is original unless otherwise indicated. We write from the heart and from personal experience. All views and information provided is the author’s own opinion and from their own experience on that topic. You must not rely on the information provided on Vanilla Beige as a replacement for professional advice in any matter. While we hope to provide inspiration to our readers, whether our articles are about business building, entrepreneurship, medical and nutritional information, health and fitness, travel, food reviews or any subject, you must seek professional advice where needed and make your own conclusions about the subject matter provided. We take no responsibility and will not be liable for any damages of any kind in relation to content provided on our website.

Photography, images and graphics:

Where needed, we take our own photography and create our own original illustrations and graphics. If the photography is not our own, we have credited the sources as accurately as possible or have used stock photography from a reputable source. If you believe we have used an image by mistake, please let us know and we will remove the offending image or credit the source as needed.

Health, fitness, nutrition, wellbeing and medically related topics:

As with all things relating to your health and well being, please ensure you get the correct medical advice from a certified practitioner before starting. Our views are our own and that of our writers, as such they are only our opinion on the matter and do not constitute professional advice. Our content is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice and we are not and do not claim to be certified medical practitioners in any way. The content we provide is informational, personally recommended and not meant to be used as medical or professional advice.

Thank you for visiting us and feel free to offer suggestions by emailing hello@vanillabeige.com.

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