Vanilla Beige’s March 2017 Calendar and Planner Lists

Sabina Spiteri did a write up for our March calendar and the new cut-and-paste "stickers" we've designed.
Little Bird Books
These delightful notebooks are from LittleBirdSinging

Inspired by Angela from Vanilla Beige and the gift journals and planner I made up for my girls at Christmas (read that story here), I decided to see how I would go “bujo’ing” this year. The Bullet Journal, also know as Bujo has taken the world by storm! Check out their official website here.  As you can see, I was taking the tail-end up of the latest buzz as usual.

It’s been two months since I started bujoing, and I am not sure if the aim of being more organized has been achieved per se but early days yet! I do know that I certainly love having my goals written down (and occasionally achieving them!) and doodling in my book!! The delightful notebooks pictured above are from LittleBirdSinging.

Now…I’m no artist or calligrapher, nor do I conjure up many creative thoughts to put on paper. Those bullet journal spreads on Instagram blow my mind! Here are a few samples for inspiration.

From Instagram @bohoberry

From Instagram @bujo_ninja

There is so much creativity and talent there! Their script, their layouts, their doodles, the colours are all so fabulous. I want to do that! Alas, I was born the stereotypical accountant, all black, white and grey (have you seen my wardrobe??)!

And then…Vanilla Beige comes out with these delightful monthly planners, which I love! And now they’ve added these little cut-and-paste “stickers” so there’s my layout and perfect neat script done for me! The “stickers” have ready-made captions to include in your planner/ bujo that I hadn’t even thought of, but would love to try out!

Vanilla Beige "Stickers"

From Instagram @vanilla.beige

I am not sure if the caption boxes were originally designed to be “cut-and-paste”, but isn’t that the beauty of freebie PDFs? You can print them and do what you like with them! I have to say though, when I stuck it in my journal, it looked a bit plain (too much black, white and grey in my life already!), I needed some colour, so I did my thing!

Vanilla Beige Stickers

Getting started on March Goals.


Vanilla Beige Stickers

“Thankful For..” during the week 6-12 Feb 2017


Vanilla Beige Stickers

The list of places me and my girls wanted to try during our recent half-term break.. Oh alright, it was really the places I wanted to try out!


Honestly, begin in March, go download Vanilla Beige’s March Calendar and Planner below, start a Bullet Journal and go out exploring!

Click here to download their March Planner: Vanilla Beige 0317 Calendar

Vanilla Beige Calendar

The water drop is in honour of World Water Day on the 22nd of March


Click here to download their cut-and-paste “stickers: Vanilla Beige 0317 “Stickers”

Vanilla Beige Stickers

Easy lists to cut-and-paste, or just use as a whole sheet.


Oh and PS: What other captions would you like to see on the planners? I might like to steal a few ideas.

And don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter at the top of the website to receive their calendar each month.

All images by Sabina Spiteri unless otherwise credited.

Sabina, originally from Australia, has lived in London, NYC, Singapore and now resides in Surrey, deepest darkest surburbia, UK. She packed her entire belongings up in a ski bag nearly twenty years ago to do the “backpacking thing” in London and never went back home. She is now chasing the dream as a wannabe writer in the deepest of deep, Surrey. Sabina is passionate about coffee, food, exploring cities and skiing.
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