Cafe Interviews

  • The Hangar Singapore

    Café Interviews: The Hangar for Good Times and Great Coffee

    It has been a few years now since I started frequenting The Hangar on Arab Street. Read our original review here. Yes, it is still one of my favourites, a café that I will go out of my way to visit. The food is fab, the coffee is awesome, it is...
  • Café Interviews: Dapper Coffee (Amoy Street)

    Often for me, it’s the person behind the coffee machine that makes the place and keeps me coming back. Dapper Coffee is one of these places. Read our previous review here. I love this place and whenever I’m on Amoy Street, I try and pop in for a quick (or leisurely)...
  • Café Interviews: Group Therapy

    A café for me is like a little haven of escape from whatever it is that I need to escape from. I have an intense passion for finding them, falling in love with them and becoming a regular. So much so that sometimes, when I wander in, they know me by name....

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