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  • Table Tales

    Designing Table Tales

    You have heard about Table Tales, haven’t you? It is the little book that really isn’t a just book. It’s an experience. And you can’t put a price on that! The book may cost $69 but it gives you ten exceptional venues to dine at (no need to think!...
  • Meat Club

    A Juicy Tasting with The Meat Club Singapore

    I’m sure you’ve experienced this. There seems to be one at every table. When dining with a foodie, you can expect that as soon as anything is put on the table, there will be a flurry of activity. Phones are whipped out, photographs are taken, dishes moved around… all while...
  • Scene Shang

    Oriental Design with Modern Flair – Scene Shang

    The Arab Street area of Singapore is a quaint and lovely destination for tourists as well as locals. It used to be known as the textile centre, but in recent years it has also become the haunt for good Middle Eastern food, funky cafés (like The Hangar) and a...
  • BottlesXO

    BottlesXO, Wine and Beer to your Door, When Needed

    I once had a dinner party. It was just a few friends, six of us in total. Since I don’t really drink, I had a couple of bottles of wine in the back and thought nothing of it. Each invited duo arrived with their own bottle of wine so...
  • Alexiares & Ani

    Alexiares & Ani, Skincare and the Source of Eternal Youth

    I’ve done my rounds with skincare and beauty brands over the years. A follower of trends and a tryer of anything beautifully marketed and packaged. Years ago, I would pour hundreds of dollars into buying product. SK-II, Clarins, Shu Uemura, even a sample pot of La Prairie made it...
  • Coffee in Keep Cup

    Novice Guide: My Lust List of Coffee Gadgets

    My love for kitchen gadgets is legendary. Many a friend has asked me to seek help when I’ve gone out and bought some new gizmo on a whim. I actually think there may have been an intervention or two planned but instead, they have lovingly humoured me. They try...
  • BoxesNThings-OnyaProduceBags-865

    Reduce Plastics with These Awesome Reusable Produce Bags

    Have you ever wondered where your garbage goes? The answer is, after incineration, it goes to the beautiful island of Semakau, just south of Singapore, near Palau Bukom. When I say beautiful, I seriously mean it (without the slightest hint of sarcasm). Island Semakau is the world’s first ecological...
  • Agora Products Ladolea Olive Oil Range

    The Best Olive Oil, Honey, Tea and More from Agora Products

    I remember the moment when I realised that olive oil wasn’t just for cooking or salads. A random pop-in to a store over ten years ago was the start for me. In that store, there was a bar of perhaps 20 different olive oils and they invited me to try each...
  • BoxesNThings-OnyaCoffeeCup-865

    Takeaway Coffee Cups are not Recyclable?

    Boxes & Things is all about little things, because little things matter. Read more about us in our interview here. In our first ever blog, we are going to talk about nothing… but one little thing. In particular, being eco-friendly in a little way, daily. There are tons of...

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