S.W. Basics, Simple and Natural Skincare

Getting beautiful and healthy skin shouldn’t be hard and even with natural skincare, there can be a tendency to over complicate things.

This is why we love Brooklyn, USA-based S.W. Basics, a simple, minimalist line of affordable skincare made with impeccably sourced, all-natural ingredients. Their products are made with all-natural ingredients that are certified organic, fair trade or sourced from family farms and each product is crafted with 5 ingredients or less. The entire ingredients list fits on one side of each bottle and you’ll recognize and feel comfortable with them all, no large and fancy names!

More importantly, fewer ingredients means gentler skincare (read:less likelihood of skin irritation ), a simpler routine and skincare that’s suitable for everyone. With no fillers or synthetic preservatives, it also means that each ingredient has to be of the highest quality and effectiveness.

We’re so excited to have them on our store and chat with Founder Adina Grigore to find out more about the brand.

Tell us a little more about the company’s history and how it came about.

Adina : I have always had super sensitive skin; I struggled with terrible symptoms like itchiness, redness, breakouts, and irritation throughout my entire life. In my twenties, I earned my degree as a certified holistic nutritionist and it opened my eyes to a whole new world. I realized that while I was avoiding consuming chemicals and artificial ingredients in my food, I was putting the equivalent all over my skin.

So, I went cold turkey and stopped using products altogether. My skin saw a major improvement.


From there, I began making my own skin treatments using ingredients I had in my fridge and pantry — stuff like olive oil, sea salt, and apple cider vinegar. I knew these ingredients were healthy to consume; why wouldn’t they be good for my skin? Basically, my hunch paid off — they worked so well for me that I became a huge advocate for simple, 100% natural skincare formulations. I began giving my “potions” to my nutrition clients and they loved them so much that I started selling them at local flea markets. The whole thing sort of snowballed from there.

What does the name S.W.Basics stand for?

Adina : The original name for our company was “Sprout Wellness” but we decided that it felt a little too child-oriented. We shortened it to ‘S.W.” and added “Basics” on because, honestly, these products represent simple, basic and essential skincare.

Tell us a little more about your simplicity ethos when it comes to skincare.

Adina : Simplicity is what defines and differentiates us as a brand. My philosophy is this: The longer the ingredient list, the more chance for irritation. With a shorter ingredient list, you’re able to more accurately spot a potential irritant.

How do you determine and source for your product ingredients?


Adina : Our product development process involves an intense amount of research. To begin, we brainstorm what product we’d love to bring to market. From there, we look for ingredients that we can source ethically, that are sustainable, that hopefully are organic, and that offer real benefits for our customers. From there, it’s a lot of testing to determine the right combinations. It’s often a very long, complicated process because we never EVER use stock formula.

Where are your products manufactured?

Adina : While we used to make everything by hand, that’s no longer realistic for us. We still develop most of our formulations in-house, then hand off the recipe to one of the several production facilities we work with. Our standards are really crazy rigorous, so our manufacturers have had to adjust… but it’s working!

It’s rare for an effective skincare brand to have five ingredients or less WHILE staying all-natural. Looks like you’ve created a unicorn here! What is it that makes your products so effective?

Adina : I love unicorns. Simply put, we use high quality ingredients and nothing else. We don’t include inactive ingredients – stuff like preservatives or fragrances – so you’re getting a really powerful yet really gentle product.

For someone new to the S.W. Basics brand, which product would you recommend?

Adina : Shea butter changed my life, so I have a soft spot for our shea butter-basedcream. It’s 60% shea butter, which is totally unheard of. Also, our Toner has also become a ‘cult’ favorite – it helps balance out the skin’s pH, really helping with issues like acne. People love it.

View the S.W.Basics collection on An Uplifted Day.

Editor’s Note: Adina Grigore has also written a popular book on DIY skincare using natural ingredients titled ‘Skin Cleanse: The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clear, Calm and Healthy Skin.’

For Skin Cleanse, natural beauty and holistic lifestyle enthusiasts, there’s even an S.W.Basics private Facebook group you can join! 

This article was originally published on May 4, 2016 at An Uplifted Day‘s blog and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you.
For more information on An Uplifted Day, read the interview Beautiful Essentials for an Uplifted Day with founder, Shan Shan on ordinarypeople.ink and visit the online shop, An Uplifted Day

Shan Shan is the founder of An Uplifted Day. She says:

“We’re passionate about and believe in the most special and useful of things that can uplift, enrich and inspire you in your daily life.
Every item in our store is specially curated and vetted by us.

They are things we ourselves take great delight in using daily, can’t stop talking about, and would recommend to our sister, best friend and mother.

Stocking only the very best in each category, our mantra is buy and use less, but only the very best.”

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