Katy Stepto

Katy Stepto is your true expat, having lived in the Middle East, Asia and now Australia. A mum of three, she became a yoga devotee and instructor after life threw her a few curveballs. Now based in Sydney, Katy continues her search for yoga bliss. Katy is passionate about yoga, coffee and spending time with her family and friends.
  • Yoga IS for everyone

    Following my previous article, I have had many people saying that yoga isn’t really something that they thought about doing. I’ve heard everything from both ends of the spectrum. From “it’s too hard” to “it’s too easy for me” or “I like to work hard and sweat not just relax and stretch”...
  • Being a Yoga Teacher was Not my Goal, Yet Here I Am

    From a young age I have always loved any sort of sport and exercise so when it was time to go to university, it was a no brainer that I chose a degree in the science and management of health and fitness. Following university I worked in health clubs designing and managing their fitness...