About us

We believe that a life full of passion is a life being lived.

In the same way that a tiny vanilla bean imparts its personality into the beigest of dishes, we believe that any voice, however small, can have a greater influence when speaking about something it is passionate about.

We are for:

the connoisseurs, the curious, the lovers, the hobbyists, the finders and sharers, do gooders, go getters.



Vanilla Beige is an online publication that serves as a platform for curated and original content. We are all about life explored. It could be coffee, food, a personal journey or any obsession big or small. This is why we hand-pick and bring together writers and stories that we love and care about.

Our goal is to add depth and texture to up-and-coming brands, unique concepts and the people behind them. We are looking for a deeper connection, that additional information, an education and a more loyal readership.

Join us as we seek out what people love. What is your passion?